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residential lawn cutting servicesBlade Busters is a family owned and operated company that provides a variety of services to residents in the Mount Airy area, including Frederick, Carroll, and Howard counties. All estimates are free, and provided by our owner.

Our rates are extremely competitive, and every one of our team members is dedicated to providing quality service. Blade Busters owner Tony Lanosz personally inspects every job after it is complete, to ensure it has been done properly.

Custom Lawn Cutting Services

We can handle everything from a small lawn to three acres — from town homes to single family homes. Our professionals use the latest riding mowers and are committed to doing the very best job possible.


Blade Busters does more than just custom lawn cutting, our landscaping services give your property a clean, inviting look. Our light tree trimming service removes low hanging branches and gives your property a clean, maintained look. We maintain beds, add mulch, and plant flowers, trees, and bushes.

Leaf Removal

Leaves that are left on your lawn can damage your grass, and make your property look uninviting. The equipment we use to mow your lawn mulches the leaves, which in turn helps feed the grass.

Lawn Aeration

Our crews will aerate your lawn and seed if necessary. Opening up the ground allows water and other nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.

Firewood Delivery

Our Forest Products Operators License was granted by the Department of Natural Resources and allows us to sell firewood in Maryland. This license means that you can purchase a cord of wood, or more, from Blade Busters and be assured that the wood will be in good shape and burn clean.

Snow Removal

After each snowfall, our crews will remove the accumulated snow from your driveway. Forget the hassle of doing it yourself, stay inside and stay warm!

For more information, or to schedule a free estimate, contact Tony Lanosz at 240-372-4915.